2018 Fishing Report

Weds. Oct. 31st - 9am

Anchor River - Cold with ice on the edges this morning, water conditions were great, very little slush. We finished the season as good as it could of been and fishing was awesome !

Thank you to all who support The Fly Box and read my report !   Special thanks to David, Luke, Carlos, Ryan and Khrissy !  In the Shop, I appreciated the Help from Nate and Jeff, who stepped up this year and of course Bruce and Randy for another great year of guiding. See you in May !


Tues. Oct. 30th - 9am

Anchor River - Great day today !  Awesome river conditions and caught some great fish today !  Tomorrow should be great !


Mon. Oct. 29th - 9am

Anchor River - Quite cold last night and some small waters froze over.  Water dropped and looks great !


Sun. Oct. 28th - 9am

Anchor River - Dropped significantly last night and was very cold.  Water looks great for the last few days.


Sat. Oct. 27th - 9am

Anchor River - Looks Great ! Dropped another 2-3 inches. Cooler temperatures this morning. 


Fri. Oct. 26th - 9am

Anchor River - Looks like it dropped about 2-3 inches last night and rained very little.  Good river conditions with high water and has good visibility.  Many reports of Steelhead being caught.


Thurs. Oct. 25th - 9am

Anchor River - River level dropped about 6 inches overnight and is nice and clear.  Many good reports of Steelhead caught today and tomorrow looks promising.


Weds. Oct. 24th - 9am

Anchor River - Still quite high, but the clarity is good, maybe 2 foot visibility.  One week to go...


Tues. Oct. 23rd - 9am

Anchor River - Good reports of Steelhead being caught with the high, off color water. 


Mon. Oct. 22nd - 9am

Anchor River - Water level has dropped about 4-5 inches and is much clearer, with 1-2 foot visibility.  Nice day today with a chance of showers. shouldn't amount to much.


Sun. Oct. 21st - 9am

Anchor River - Rain last night brought up the river about 4-6 inches and dirty, looks like a mocha. 


Sat. Oct. 20th - 9am

Anchor River - Great River conditions with clear water, maybe a touch of color and slightly high.  Steels Await You !


Fri. Oct. 19th - 9am

Anchor River - River looks good !  Water is still slightly high, dropped another 2-3 inches last night, without any rain.  Great visibility only getting better, until the rain comes.  Many nice Steelhead caught yesterday. Tons of Dolly's.


Thurs. Oct. 18th - 9am

Anchor River - Water is getting clearer with about 1-2 foot visibility,dropped about 2-3 inches. Caught one Steelhead and a few Dolly's, all on beads. Got wind tomorrow, but should be good.


Weds. Oct. 17th -  9am

Anchor River - Water level is down maybe 2-3 inches and still dirty.  Not quite mocha color, with about 8-10 inches visibility.


Tues. Oct. 16th - 9am

Anchor River - Water level is up about 4-6 inches and is back to a mocha color.  Steelhead being caught on beads and drifters...


Mon. Oct. 15th - 9am

Anchor River - River has dropped about a foot, but is still high. There is a little better color, not so Mocha looking. look for better conditions on Tues.


Sun. Oct. 14th - 8am

Anchor River - Still high and dirty.


Sat. Oct. 13th - 8am

Anchor River - Super high water and very dirty, blown out !


Fri. Oct. 12th - 8am

Anchor River - Not looking good...  raising, higher water this morning and very dirty.  Rain started at midnight and still pouring at 9am. 


Thurs. Oct. 11th - 8am

Anchor River - High water today and dirty, made it a little tougher. Still caught fish today, but it was a little slower.


Weds. Oct. 10th - 8am

Anchor River - High Winds today 20-30 mph, Heavy rain last night for a short time may send a wave of a little higher, cloudy water reaching between BWB and Old Sterling Hwy bridge by noon - 1pm...  No affect at 8am from upper and remains in good to great shape.  Stop in the shop! Guides Available !


Tues. Oct. 9th - 8am

Anchor River - Great river conditions this morning and lots of fish in the river, things are good !


Mon. Oct. 8th - 8am

Anchor River - Many Steelhead in the river and hasn't been as busy as the weekend.  River is in great shape.


Sun. Oct. 7th - 8am

Anchor River - Little rain last night and this morning, didn't do anything to the river, should be in good shape.  Landed 4 yesterday all on flies.


Sat. Oct. 6th - 8am

Anchor River - We are having a great year on the Anchor River with many great Steelhead being caught and good river conditions, hope it stays this way !


Fri. Oct. 5th - 8am

Anchor River -  Many great reports of Steelhead fishing from all up and down the river, with reported fresh Silvers being caught in lower river.  Great conditions !


Thurs. Oct. 4th - 8am

Anchor River - Excellent river conditions should make for a great day on the river. Many nice Steels in the river !


Weds. Oct. 3rd - 8am

Anchor River - Great Steelhead fishing this morning, with lots of Steels in the river.  Landed 4 today, two on flies and two on beads. River has come down a little and is nice and clear.


Tues. Oct. 2nd - 8am

Anchor River - Many Steelhead in the river and good reports from lower river up to upper river, above Black Water Bend.


Mon. Oct. 1st - 8am

Anchor River - The river is in good condition, with clearer water, but the water level is still a little high for many river crossings.


Sun. Sept. 30th - 8am

Anchor River - River has come down some and has cleared up a little.  Still high, but the water is much better for fishing.  Bright Colors today as it clears up.


Sat. Sept. 29th - 8am

Anchor River - Clear skies today with no rain in sight... River has dropped a little and has better color, still high and off color.


Fri. Sept. 28th - 8am

Anchor River - River is blown out today, up a foot from yesterday and very dirty.


Thurs. Sept. 27th - 8am

Anchor River - River is up from the rain, not looking good... you may be ok to fish before noon before the water comes up.


Weds. Sept. 26th - 8am

Anchor River - Looks great !  River has dropped and is at a nice level.  Steelhead fishing still good.


Tues. Sept. 25th - 8am

Anchor River - River continues to drop and clear up, still about 4-5 inches high. 

Kenai River - One of the most beautiful days on the upper Kenai.  Lots of Rainbows and Dolly's on almost every gravel bar.


Mon. Sept. 24th - 8am

Anchor River - Rain Hard last night and river is up about 3 inches.  You have until noon before the river flushes the high dirty water past the Old Sterling bridge. 


Sun. Sept. 23 - 8am

Anchor River - Steelhead have been active and there seems to many Steelhead in the river. Great Fishing today !

Deep Creek - Had some good reports from a couple of guys who did well.


Sat. Sept. 22nd - 8am

Anchor River - River is in great shape and Steelhead fishing is great.  Caught many today, all on flys.


Fri. Sept. 21st - 8am

Anchor River - Rain has held off today until late afternoon, with not much change in the river. Nice size Steelhead (Hogs) in the river!


Thurs. Sept. 20th - 8am

Anchor River - Great day on the river with several nice Steelhead caught.  Swinging flies still effective and beads are working well.


Weds. Sept. 19th - 8am

Anchor River - Good reports of Steelhead Fishing from Steelhead Campground up to Black Water bridge.  Water is at a good level.


Tues. Sept. 18th - 8am

Anchor River - More great Steelhead fishing today and a little more water in the river, made for a great day !


Mon. Sept. 17th - 8am

Anchor River - Nice to see more water in the river, maybe up 2-3 inches.  Still clear and many Steelhead to be caught !  Good Luck, Don't forget to stop in the shop !  Thanks !


Sun. Sept. 16th - 8am

Anchor River - More rain has brought the river up an inch or so, still good color.  Still good reports of Steelhead fishing, both up river and fresh ones coming in.


Sat. Sept. 15th - 8am

Anchor River - Little rain today will help with the water level, which has been extremely low.  Steelhead up river.


Fri. Sept 14th - 8am

Anchor River  -  We need some water in the river !  Steelhead

have move up river for the most part. A few remain in lower river.


Thurs. Sept. 13th - 8am

Anchor River - Dolly's have been hitting good and the Steelhead seemed to have moved up river.  Still low and clear.


Weds. Sept. 12th - 8am

Anchor River - Steelhead have been hitting beads and the Dolly's have moved up river.


Tues. Sept. 11th - 8am

Anchor River - Water seems to have been slowly dropping and is very clear.  Steelhead have been hitting beads and fly's in the deep pockets and slots.


Mon. Sept. 10th - 8 am

Anchor River - Good reports on bead fishing above the bridge and in the lower river.

Deep Creek - Water was a little lower and still clear.  Silvers in the river and Steelhead were hitting beads and big streamers.


Sun. Sept. 9th - 8am

Anchor River - With the clear water the Steelhead were found in the deep slots and big pools.


Sat. Sept. 8th - 8am

Anchor River - High tides should bring in some fresh fish today.ll pu.  With the low clear water, fish will move up fast.


Fri. Sept. 7th - 7am

Anchor River - River is getting lower and is very clear.  Little slower in the bright light.  Little action on beads


Thurs. Sept. 6th - 7am

Anchor River - Steelhead were active at early light and slowed down around 11am.  Lots of Dolly's up river.


Weds. Sept. 5th - 7am

Anchor River - Very good Steelhead action this morning and a few fresh Silvers were caught as well.  River conditions are low and clear.


Anchor River - We are still seeing fresh Silvers come in on the tides and plenty of Steelhead in the river.   I'll say good to great fishing. Come on down Carlos and David..  An Alaska Blessed Morning !


Mon. Sept. 3rd - 7am

Anchor River - The am tide brought some fresh Silvers in and the Steels were Hot !  River is low and clear.


Sun. Sept. 2nd - 7am

Anchor River - Steelhead were hot this morning and a few Silvers.  Cold temps. early, bite picked up around 10am.


Sat. Sept. 1st 7am

Anchor River - River is perfect condition, maybe a little on the low side and very clear.  Steelhead were hot this morning for us and about 11am it slowed down. 


Fri. Aug. 30th - 7am

Anchor River -  River has dropped to a nice normal level and is very clear.  Still some Silvers in there and starting to hear of several Steelhead reports.


Thurs. Aug. 29th - 7am

Anchor River - Silvers and Dolly fishing is still good, river is clear and dropping.  Steelhead are starting to show.

Upper Kenai River - Drift fishing today and the rainbows were active in the upper river.  Lots of Dolly's today as well.  Water has come down a bit.


Weds. Aug. 28th - 7am

Anchor River - Beautiful day and the riverwas active for Silvers early.  Slowed down around 10:30am. Dolly's have moved up and are in spawning colors.


Tues. Aug. 27th - 7am

Anchor River - Water is in perfect condition and we are still seeing Big Silvers this year. Saw a nice Steelhead caught today.


Mon. Aug. 26th - 7am

Anchor River - Great day on the river, after a awesome week on Moraine Ck.  Caught a couple of Silvers this morning and were nice size.


Fri. Aug 17th - Sun. Aug. 25th

Moraine Creek - Guided a float trip for a group of 7 and the Bows showed up !  We caught over 30 big bows over 22 inches, many 23 - 24 in.  Largest 27 in. (Footballs) ! Sorry for the delay on the anchor River report.


Thurs. Aug. 16th - 6am

Anchor River - River is back in shape and Silvers were a little bit slower,but did see a couple caught.  Two reports of Steelhead being caught.


Weds. Aug. 15th - 6am

Anchor River -  Slower bite this morning with the silvers, not as hot as last Sat.  River in much better shape, dropped and cleared up.


Tues. Aug. 14th - 6am

Anchor River - Poor river conditions, water is high and brown, but not totally blown out.  Few Silvers caught on the high tide.


Mon. Aug. 13th - 6am

Anchor River - High and brown water today from the rain, should be about a day or so to clear up.  Little tougher today.




Sun. Aug. 12th - 6am

Anchor River - Rain, Rain, Rain and wind made it a little tougher today, but many nice Silvers caught, eggs have been working best.

The killer green fly did it again.


Sat. Aug. 11th - 6am

Anchor River - Little rain, touch of color and up a little, but the river is in good shape.  Silvers showed up and many have come in the last couple of days. Great fishing for most of us today.


Fri. Aug. 10th - 6am

Anchor River -  Great day on the river, Silvers are in and starting to see some good size fish as well.  River conditions are good.


Thurs. Aug. 9th - 6am

Anchor River - Pink and Silvers are in the river.  Dolly fishing is good, many have moved up river.


Weds. Aug. 8th - 6am

Anchor River - Great Dolly fishing today with some nice size fish and Pinks.  Silvers have been spotty.


Tues. Aug 7th - 6am

Anchor River - River is a little low , but in good shape.  Dolly fishing was active and a few silvers are in the river. 


Mon. Aug. 6th - 6am

Anchor River - More Silver action this morning early and good Dolly fishing up river. River is in great shape.


Sun. Aug. 5th - 6am

Anchor River - Water is looking good and the Silver bite was good early and seemed to cool off about 11am or noon.


Sat. Aug 4th - 6am

Anchor River - Water came up about a foot and is dirty brown.   Few Silvers were caught early this morning and still some Pinks in there.


Fri. Aug. 3rd - 6am

Anchor River - Tough fishing for Silvers today, a couple people did well early.  Still waiting for bigger tides, should bring in a push of Silvers.


Thurs. Aug. 2nd - 6am

Anchor River - A lot of good Dolly fishing in the river and spotty Silver fishing. No big push of fish yet.


Weds. Aug. 1st - 6am

Anchor River - Silvers were kind of slow today, but it's still early.  Good Dolly fishing as many have moved up river.


Tues. July 31st - 6am

Anchor River - Low and clear water today, not much change in river conditions.  Silvers hang out in the lower river and might start moving up as we get some higher tides later next week.


Mon. July 30th - 6am

Anchor River - There are some Silvers milling around in the lower river and a few have moved up, lost one on a 8lb Dolly Fly.  No great reports of Silvers, but it's still early.  Lots of Dolly's and great river conditions, just a little low.


Sun. July 29th - 6am

Anchor River - There's a bunch of Dolly's in there.  Water is getting lower and is nice and clear.  Heard of one Silver caught in lower river.


Sat. July 28th - 6am

Anchor River - River is getting quite low.  Dolly's are still coming in and the Pinks.  On the lookout for Silvers.


Fri. July 27th - 6am

Anchor River - Good Dolly fishing and the river is in great shape, still looking for any reports of Silvers in the river. starting Mon.

Kenai River -  Sockeye were consistently slow, but manages to get a limit. Limit drops to 1 fish, starting Mon. July 30th.


Thur. July 26th - 6am

Anchor River - Water is still low and clear, caught a bunch of Dolls and Pinks, heard of one Silver caught way down low.


Weds. July 25th - 6am

Anchor River - No change in river conditions with the water low and clear.  Some Pink Action this morning and a few Dolly's.


Tues. July 24th - 6am

Anchor River - Rain today didn't seem to effect the fishing and didn't see any change in the river conditions so far.


Mon. July 23rd - 6am

Anchor River - Pinks are in the river and river conditions remain good.


Sun. July 22nd - 6am

Anchor River -  No reports of Silvers yet, but we should see them any time, probably on the next series of high tides.  Dolls and Pinks still doing good.


Sat. July 21st - 6am

Anchor River - More Pink Action today and not as many Dolly's, but there is a large number of fish in the river.


Fri. July 20th - 6am

Anchor River - Seeing some very nice size Dolly's coming is and there are a few Pinks in there.  Conditions are great !


Thurs. July 19th - 6am

Anchor River  - Lots of Dolly Action and Pink action in lower river, with great river conditions.  few Kings milling around and no word of Silvers in the Anchor yet. 


Weds. July 18th - 6am

Anchor River - River conditions are great and good Dolly fishing continues.  Pink Salmon are coming in fresh and no reports of Silvers yet, other than the Spit Hole, has seen a few.


Tues. July 17th - 6am

Anchor River - Another beautiful morning on the Anchor with many nice size Dolly's, 20-22 inchers, bigger then the Pinks.


Mon. July 16th - 6am

Anchor River - Hey We're Back !  River open today and we did great.  Lots of nice size Dolly's and some fresh Pinks coming in.  Water conditions were perfect and the run of Dolly's looks good !  Check Emergency Orders for updated info for the Anchor, Deep Ck and Ninilchek.


Sat. June 2nd -

Anchor River - Closed to all fishing until July 15th.

Deep Creek - Closed to all fishing until July 15th.

Ninilchek River - Closed to all fishing until July 15th.


Fri. June 1st - 6am

Anchor River - Just a little rain gave the river osme color and came up an inch or so.  The Anchor River, Deep Creek and Ninilchek will be closed for fishing for all species until July 15rth, due to the poor King salmon Returns.

Kasilof River - Saw a few Kings caught from the drift boats today and caught a few "Jacks" from the bank.


Thurs. May 31st - 6am

Anchor River - Heard of a half a dozen fish being caught yesterday, river is still in great condition.


Wed. May 30th - 6am

Anchor River - Water conditions should make today a good day on the river, maybe more Kings will show up.


Tues. May 29th - 6am

Anchor River - What a great morning on the river !  Great river conditions, with the water dropping a little each day...  Not many reports of Kings caught, still running late.



Mon. May 28th - 6am

Anchor River - A Salute to our Brave Men and Women of the United States Military, who gave their lives for us to be free and safe. 

Who gave their lives for others?  Jesus and the United States Military.  Amen!  Alaska Blessed !  River looks great, nice and clear, perfect water conditions.....  not many fish...Yet !  Early bite was good at first light.


Sun. May 27th - 6am

Anchor River - Early morning bite was on !  Saw a few caught mid morning and seemed to slow down as the sun got higher.  Thin rep[orts of fish in the river, count is low, I believe they're running late.


Sat. May 26th - 6am

Anchor River - River looks good !  Early reports of several Kings caught before 6am, it seems the Kings have arrived !


Fri. May 25th - 6am

Anchor River - Much better conditions today and for the weekend.  The water lever is about the same and clearer than last weekend.  reports of a couple racing up in lower river.


Thur. May 24th - 6am

Anchor River - Not much change in the conditions, a few Kings were caught yesterday, a couple on eggs and one on a fly.

Kings are a late in numbers, but we may see some good size fish.


Weds. May 23rd - 6am

Anchor River - Little rain last night has put a little more color in the river and the water lever is stable, maybe 6-8 inches high.


Tues. May 22nd - 6am

Anchor River - Still waiting for the water temp. to raise up a little, that should get these fish moving.  Only two reports from last weekend.


Mon. May 21st - 6am

Anchor River - Color seems to be getting better, But still a little high.  Not many reports of Kings being caught.


Sun. May 20th - 6am

Anchor River - Water remained high, but did start to clear up yesterday afternoon and looks better this morning. Know of two confirmed Kings caught yesterday, one on eggs and one on fly. No other reports yet.


Sat. May 19th - 6am

Anchor River - Opens Today !  The river is high and brown and not dropping very fast.  It's clearing a little, but rain last night is keeping it dirty. No early reports of Kings being caught yet.


Fri. May 18th - 6am

Anchor River - Not good news for the fishermen with the river high and dirty making it more of a challenge.  Opens tonight at midnight !



Thurs. May 17th - 6am

Anchor River - Looks like it will be a little high and quite dirty for our opener Sat.  All this light rain isn't helping...


Weds. May 16th - 6am

Anchor River - Still about the same from day to day, with the river fluctuating up and down.  The color is a little dirty and looks that way for the weekend.


Tues. May 15th - 6am

Anchor River - The river is clearing up nicely and should be OK for the weekend a this rate.  Water is still a little high, dropping slowly, too high yet for the weir on the Anchor River, but should be in when it drops. 


Mon. May 14th - 6am

Anchor River - Big improvement this morning, river dropping and clearing up nicely !  Shop will be open until midnight this Friday for the opener at midnight !


Sun. May 13th - 6am

Anchor River - Starting to drop and clear a little, we're looking good at this point.


Sat. May 12th - 6am

Anchor River - looks like it might have dropped a little and the color is a little better.


Fri. May 11th - 6am

Anchor River - water is up again and is very dirty.


Thur. May 10th - 8am

Anchor River - Very dirty water today and is running still high. 


Wed. May 9th - 8am

Anchor River -  Light rain today and must of rained harder up in the hills.  River came up about 4-5 inches and is much browner.


Tue. May 8th - 8am

Anchor River - Water is clearing a little and still running a little high.


Mon. May 7th - 8am

Anchor River - Not much of a melt off from the little snow last winter, river has dropped fast !

Sun. May 6th - 8am
Anchor River - Still dropping, and running about a foot high.  May have dropped another 4 inches or so.

Sat. May 5th - 8am
Anchor River - 
Dropped about 8 inches, but still dirty.  No weir yet, should go in soon when the river drops lower.

Fri.. May 4th - 8am
Anchor River - Looks about 2 ft. high, and blown out if open.  King Salmon Opener May 19th, maybe we'll get lucky on the weather.

Thur. May 3rd - 8am
Anchor River - 
Rain today is going to bring the river up.  running about 1.5 feet high this morning. By evening it was rockin!

Wed. May 2nd - 8am
Anchor River - 
Still looks good today, should be a good year if we don't get too much rain.  Big tree/stump just below the bridge is gone.  Where am I gonna put my pack?

Tues. May 1st 2018 8am
Anchor River - 
Looks like about normal conditions, with the water high and brown, with lots of new trees down in the river.  King Opener Sat. May 19th.

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